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Our quarterly newsletter covers topics of interest to members, employers and provider partners. We highlight insights on health spending, employee benefits and more, plus health and wellness tips and promotions to increase utilization of your Access2day Health Clinic services.

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July 2023 | Issue 06:

  • Beat Back-To-School Sickness
  • Webinar for Your Wallet
  • Access2day Rewind
  • Upcoming Events
  • Has Your Clinic Location Changed?
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Feb image

April 2023 | Issue 05:

  • Spring Allergies
  • New Clinics Opening
  • A2D at the Conferences
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February 2023 | Issue 04:

  • Heart Health Tips
  • Know Where to Go: ER vs. Urgent Care
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Membership
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October 2022 | Issue 03:

  • Flu Season Care
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Access2day Member Survey Results
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July image

July 2022 | Issue 02:

  • Exploring the Benefits of Onsite Clinics
  • Takeaways from Men’s & Women’s Health Months
  • Summertime Wellness Tips
  • A Women’s Health Member Success Story
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March image

March 2022 | Issue 01:

  • What’s New in 2022
  • Heart Healthy Tips
  • Clinic Spotlight: Alexandria
  • Member Survey Results
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