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Our network of clinics gives members access to quality healthcare within their communities.

What is Access2day Health?

Access2day Health partners with providers by implementing a unique membership model with area employers. With this model, employers can offer a primary and urgent care membership to their workforce while providers enjoy a consistent monthly revenue stream. Access2day eliminates the need for appointments, extended wait times, co-pays, out-of-pockets, and deductibles.

How Does It Work?

  1. Capitated care model, per employee per month fixed fee
  2. Primary and urgent care services offered by local provider
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We Believe in the Power of the Patient-Provider Relationship

Access2day understands that our physicians are vital in providing the quality of care necessary to improve the gaps in care for our employers, employees, and dependents.

Providers at Access2day clinics direct the patient’s care and consistently work to:

Offer appropriate care for common medical conditions, reducing unnecessary specialist visits
Identify and intervene in early-stage patient risk factors, reducing future high-cost claims
Improve members’ health by reducing financial and time barriers to care
Manage and coordinate suitable referrals


Provider Benefits

Grow Your Revenue, Not Your Overhead

Monthly income without filing a claim; no billing or collections
Access2day markets your clinic to employers and employees in your community
No claims filed for select labs & X-rays
No copay, coinsurance, or deductibles collected
Access2day Health hours are your current clinic hours
Steady monthly income

We Make Program Implementation Seamless for Your Team

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Personnel Onboarding for
Providers and Your Staff

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New Employee
Training Videos

Training Clinic Staff

On-site detailed training
Flexible, job-specific training schedule
Complete training manual with video enhancements for future trainings
Easy to navigate software and visit documentation system

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Patient Urgent Care Clinic

“Access2day Health removes barriers for health care. This in turn increases both access to care and the overall health of the workforce. This has been our goal at Patient Plus, to provide access to high quality healthcare for all the communities and companies we serve. Access2day Health as a partner does that and it is needed now more than ever.”

—Steven Presley, PA-C; Chief Strategy Officer, CSO; Patient Plus

Red River Bank - A Louisiana Community Bank Member FDIC

“As an employer, we’re looking at having a happy workforce, and a content workforce that reduces our turnover. Turnover is very costly, and Access2day helps us keep that ratio low. It’s been a wonderful recruitment tool for us, and it’s helped us in our retention as well.”

Andy Cutrer

Senior Vice President, Director of Human Resources

Cadwell Logo

“Our employees love Access2day. Overall, it rates a 10 for us. It’s easy for employees to get fast care. Because no appointment is necessary and clinic locations are so convenient, we’ve seen a decrease in absenteeism.”

Niki McCann


Franklin Parish School Board

“The ease of access is the main thing, especially for our teachers. We have low absenteeism, and Access2day probably factors into that. I had a violent reaction to my second covid shot and went to the Access2day clinic that was able to treat me. Otherwise, I would have probably gone to the emergency room instead.”

John Gullat

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