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Innovative Healthcare Option

What is Access2day Health?

It is not insurance.

Access2day Health is a new approach to providing employee health benefits, and is the leading offsite, employer-sponsored clinic membership model that can be added to existing healthcare plans. The clinic membership is unique, offering FREE high-quality care to employees and their covered dependents.

No claims are filed against the employer’s health plan.

How Can Access2day Health Benefit Your Clients?

Our model of care maximizes employer and employee health plan satisfaction, while improving employee health, employee retention and enhancing presenteeism in the workplace. The program has also been shown to reduce overall health plan costs in many cases.

Provided Medical Services

Medical Bag

Primary and urgent care services


Annual general physical exams


Provide preventive order referrals


Wellness education on topics such as preventative measures


Flu shots

BPM Cuff

Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests

Healthcare Made Easy

Members Enjoy Primary and Urgent Care With:


Appointment Necessary




Wait Times


Out-of-Pocket Expenses


Insurance Headaches

How It Works

An employer offers Access2day Health as an enhancement to their company-sponsored health plan.

Employees and their covered dependents have access to quality care at all Access2day locations.

Member not feeling well? They go to their local Access2day clinic—no appointment necessary.

Upon arrival, they present their insurance card and identify themselves as an Access2day member.

They get the care they need—with zero copays or deductibles.

By the Numbers

20+ Years of providing quality care

$22 million saved by members

93.8% customer approval rate

100+ Clinics locations

No Insurance Claims Filed

400,000+ Clinic Visits


Members are welcome at any participating clinic for their healthcare needs. We currently have over 100 associated clinics in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, serving over 200,000 members. Access2day Health is not limited to geography. If your client has more than 250 employees enrolled in their health plan, a clinic network can be developed in the region to serve employees.


When employees are given the option to seek medical care at no cost to them, they’re less likely to postpone checkups, doctor’s visits or health screenings, providing added benefits to the business and the member with:


No health insurance claims filed against the employer’s medical plan


Reduced claims for
re-insurance carrier


Faster, and more access to medical services for employees

Phone with cross

Encourages employees to seek care for what might become a more serious condition, reducing overall medical cost

Line graph tracking savings vs cumulative fees. Explanation below with yearly values of 1 - 11,890, 2 - 20,90, 3 - 32,409.

Above example is of a 74 employee, 104 member group.
During the first 6 months our fee is discounted 50% to allow for employee education “ramp up” of program benefits

Contract Terms

Employer contracts are one year in duration with new clients paying only 50% of fees for the first 6 months
as we educate employees on this new benefit.
Yes, you read that right.
We take the responsibility for all employee education and training.

Broker Compensation

Access2day Health works with all brokerages and consultants acting as employer advisors, and compensates monthly based on employee health plan enrollment.

Program Features

Hands shaking

It’s a Membership
not Insurance


Primary, Preventative, and Urgent Care

Monitor crossed out

Enroll Anytime
No Appts Needed

Bill with coin


Book with mark

No SPD Changes Required

Graduation Cap

Employee Education Provided


100+ Clinics
and Growing

Clinics Locations

More than 100 clinics and growing.

No clinic in your area or state?

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The ease of access is the main thing, especially for our teachers. We have low absenteeism, and Access2day probably factors into that. I had a violent reaction to my second covid shot and went to the Access2day clinic that was able to treat me. Otherwise, I would have probably gone to the emergency room instead.”

John Gullat,


“As an employer, we’re looking at having a happy workforce, and a content workforce that reduces our turnover. Turnover is very costly, and Access2day helps us keep that ratio low. It’s been a wonderful recruitment tool for us, and it’s helped us in our retention as well.”

Andy Curtrer,

Senior Vice President, Director of Human Resources

“Long term we are looking at a pay back within a year based on everything we have evaluated.”

Ken Gardner,

Plant Manager

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