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Measuring Success With Access2day Health

With Access2day Health, you never have to wonder if you’re getting a return on investment.

Our comprehensive reporting and in-depth dashboards give employers total insight into exactly what is and isn’t working.

Using National healthcare statistics and our own proprietary analytics, employers can see clinic utilization, treatment types, employee satisfaction levels and most importantly, the immediate and potential health care savings.

Key Performance Measurements

The success of your Access2day Health clinic is understood through three key performance measurements*.


After seeing how the clinic is being utilized, employers can answer the important question:

How is Access2day Health impacting your healthcare costs?


Through our comprehensive measurement reporting, employers can see:

Who is using the clinics?

How frequently?

For what reasons and treatments?

Top treatments performed during clinic visits


Knowing the hard numbers allows employers to see that their employees are truly benefiting from Access2day Health.
The Satisfaction reporting answers the question:

How easily and quickly are your employees and their families being served in the clinics?